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E-2 visa buying real estate

Obtain an E-2 Investor Visa using your real estate properties

Get your Investor Visa using your Real Estate properties
E-2 investor visa buying real estate properties

There is much talk about obtaining investor visas using real estate; therefore, you may wonder: how to really obtain an E-2 visa buying real estate?

Even though a real estate property could cost much more than open up or buying a business, it is considered a passive investment in the eyes of Immigration. The US Government looks for investors that: 1) put their money at risk, and 2) generate permanent jobs.

Immigration officers want to make sure that the investment meets the two mentioned criteria. They also want the business has enough capital to handle the expenses of the company (including the payroll) while it takes flight and get self sustainable. The Government cannot afford of approving E-2 visas for businesses that will fire its employees for getting out of cash. That would affect the country’s unemployment rates and increase public spending.

When using real estate fo E-2 investor visa, there are different ways this can be achieved. It is all about a transformation process where you create a service company that works in real estate industry. That is to say, that the business is based on real estate but focused on providing services.

From Passive to Active Investment

Now, how to obtain an E-2 Visa buying real estate?

There are many ways in which you can transform your real estate investment into service company to be used in an E-2 investor visa application. For example, suppose you have a conglomerate of residential properties, which are already rented, and are generating income and expenses. These properties require people to handle the administration of their accounts, tenant requests, to show them, and many other tasks.

This scenario could be used to create a services company for a visa E-2 application. You just need to create a property management company, have a physical location to operate, hire the right personnel and have a working capital available. With this, your investment would become active, and now you could apply for an E-2 visa.

Besides property management services company, there are many other successful models that could be used for an E-2 application. Many of them may only require a single property without a minimum investment amount.

For example, in one of our recent E-2 business plans for immigration delivered, we successfully converted a passive residential investment of $ 80,000 into a structured services company for an E-2 investor visa application.


To align your real estate investment with your E-2 visa application, you only need to have business experts who can create the right business model. This model will allow you to apply for your visa using residential and/or commercial real estate properties.

If you already bought your properties, we can structure you a new business to qualify for an E-2 investor visa. In the case you don’t, we can also help you to create a business services structure so you can apply for your investor visa.

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